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Vision Board + Sticker Journaling with Mishelle Kost | Waco, TX

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One thing I love to do with the girls is collage art + vision board journal. Around the new year and cold winter months is when we do this activity together the most. It's the season we hibernate more in the house and I start trying to find ways to keep them from watching TV and more ways I can sit and be creative with them. (It's also a great time to have conversations which is great with a pre-teen in the house.) We also did a vision board night at our Ramble Waco Christmas Party which was a great time with women I care about and it sparked great conversations and many many laughs. So, collage art and vision boarding is an adult thing too. 

Mishelle Kost will be hosting a free event in The Den (our event space at our Waco shop) on Sunday, February 25th from 2-4pm.

What you need to bring:

  • Magazines -- We will bring some magazines and we ask that if you attend bring yours too. More the merrier!! We will all be sharing :)
  • Poster board, foam board, or journal (whatever you will be collaging on!) --  We have collaged in art journals (with thicker pages), poster boards, or foam boards. You can find these at Walmart, Amazon or craft stores. 11 x 14 is a good size! 

This time is intended to be a low pressure, fun, intentional time with friends, kids, or come alone and spend time with people in your community. This will be low instruction but will be guided (I'll be sitting and creating with you so if you have a question or need feedback, I'm there for ya!) The girls and I have also started sticker journaling and I'm going to be explaining that process as well. The main activity will be collage art! 

If you can't make it, I encourage you to make time for this activity at home, alone or with your family. Again, this event at our shop is free but space is limited so I do ask that you reserve your spot today. We will do our best to accommodate if you aren't able to RSVP. 

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