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prairie soul | tea towel

$17.99 USD $17.99 USD
the design: prairie soul

the color: white with tan ink

  • 100% cotton
  • 27" x 27"
  • pre-washed

| behind the design |

Anyone can love mountains but it takes soul to love the prairie. By no means does this mean if you live in the mountains you don’t have soul but it does give a nod to those of us who find the beauty in the flat majestic prairie lands. I was recently asked, “why an armadillo for your brand icon?” Well, there is no fancy reason other than I think they are funny little creatures that are native to where I live and I run a company. Ya, it can be perceived as a little ugly and gross but it’s familiar and quirky. This question made me think about the other parts of the prairie that I love and admire. This design was created in collaboration with an illustrator who could bring this vision of a prairie home to life. We hope our fellow Prairie Souls enjoy this design + for those that don’t quite know the prairie yet, - we hope you come to love it as much as us.

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