Amber Waves of Grain in Blue | Artist Collection

Design: amber waves of grain + block style graphic of plains landscape // This design is part of our Artist Collection. Read more about the collaboration below.

Tee: dusty blue shirt with blue ink

Ink: We print with custom mixed water based ink to give you a soft high quality shirt.

Sizing: This is a unisex shirt and runs true to size. Model is wearing a medium.

About this collaboration: "The idea has a lot to do with community. I believe that in order to achieve great things in this world, you have to be a team player and not attempt to fly solo. I know my abilities to design have limits, so working one-on-one with another artist who has a different perspective is so refreshing! I pitched an idea for the shirt and then gave freedom for the artist to do whatever they felt would fit these styles best. The results have been so rewarding."

- Kathryn Hager, co-owner of Ramble & Company

Read more about this shirt's artist, B.C. Gilbert, and the inspiration behind his work here.


  • $28.00
  • $28.00

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