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The Daily Reminder: May Edition

$49.99 USD $44.99 USD

The Daily Reminder: May Edition is an intentional bundle of items revolving around this month's phrase: it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. This phrase feels important to us because in this season we want to remind not only ourselves but you that life is beautiful + wonderful. The home garden with bug holes in most leaves/veggies/fruit, sun burned flower petals because you forgot to water, parenting, leading, work, home upkeep, etc. It's all hard and likely not perfect BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN IT ISN'T WONDERFUL!!! This design + tee is the reminder to keep going. Live to enjoy the moments, even when they don't seem perfect. 

This package was carefully crafted to be a great gift not just for yourself, but for a friend or loved one that needs it. 

What we know about this beautiful community of Rambler's is that we are all human and connected through our life experiences and stories. If we can do one thing well in this life it will be to lift you up when you're down and encourage you when life gets hard. 

Our Daily Reminder will be a limited release of products each month. Each month will have a new theme and new items. 

In The Daily Reminder: May Edition you'll find: 

  • hand illustrated vinyl waterproof sticker
  • recycled tote by Malia Designs \\ a fair trade + eco friendly company helping fight human trafficking
  • hand printed inspirational card
  • white cotton tee \\ one color front left corner with a 2 color back

Total for the entire bundle is $44.99 (reg. retail $49.99). 

Kathryn is wearing a M. 

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