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The Ramble Manifesto

We love to love people. We love to gather around bonfires, pulling up extra chairs to our table, or making the drive to see old friends. We love hearing a chorus of laughter coming from a friend-filled living room, squishy baby thighs, and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties with our kids. We love the slow start of a day with a steaming cup of coffee as much as the feeling of satisfaction after a hard day’s work. 

We believe in balance; knowing when to speed up and when to pump the brakes. We believe in the wondrous power of paint and a good color palette. We believe that anything old can be made new if you work hard and that perfection doesn’t exist, only perfect moments. We believe in celebrating and respecting diversity as it appears in the form of color, culture, language, or belief. We believe that each and every human has deep worth and beauty that is unique to themselves and we actively fight to stand against any form of discrimination that would say otherwise. 

We believe that when women are for one another, worlds can change and where sincere friendship exists, insecurity and loneliness cannot survive. We believe true community exists when we allow our stories to be woven together like a tapestry of belonging that covers us wherever we go. We believe that being connected to our own stories equips us to play a unique role in our community. We believe there is power and healing when we stop talking and listen to one another. We believe in the value of presence. We believe in learning from our mistakes and never settling for less than what we are capable of accomplishing.