What do a farmer's daughter and a musician have in common? We value the good stuff. Quality. Authenticity. Creativity. And all the hard work behind it.
Kathryn & Ryan Hager

A desk job just wasn't going to fill our bucket.

In 2016 we embarked on a journey to create quality and affordable apparel.

Our desire is to create tees that you feel comfortable and confident in. Apparel that radiates encouragement like a beam of light. Clothing that isn't limited to a body type, but available for all kinds and lifestyles.

So we found a place in Southern California that couldn't agree more...

Our Process

First, we listen to what you guys are asking for. Then, we create. We spend hours designing graphics, choosing the right colors, and selecting words we hope have an impact. Once these details are finalized, the real process begins in a little showroom and warehouse in Los Angeles. 

When a shirt is made in the showroom, it begins with a pattern. A pattern is designed to ensure that every shirt is created with the correct length and width fitted for each size. Once each piece of fabric is cut (sleeves, body, front, and back) they pass through the hands of a seamstress who carefully stitches each tee together with an electric sewing machine. 

Make a Life of What You Love

Sewn, Washed, Dyed, & Dried.

Once the tees are sewn, they are taken to the dye house a few miles away. This is where the magic happens and also what really makes our tees stand apart. Each tee is individually dyed after being sewn together versus giant rolls of fabric being pre-dyed before the cutting and sewing begin. The perk of garment-dyeing? It provides a wide array of colors to choose from and tees have a much softer finish giving them a vintage look and feel.

When they arrive, tees go through an extensive washing process to prep the material. In the meantime, the dye is created based on the weight of the fabric being produced. Tiny spoonfuls of red, blue, orange, and yellow powder are carefully added to a scale to create the perfect color for your tee. Once mixed, the clean tees are thrown into large washing machine-like dyers. Afterward, they are tossed into another giant machine that looks like a salad spinner that pulls all the water out of the material.

Once dried, the tees are moved to a third location for quality control before they are packaged and shipped to our warehouse in Texas.

Next Stop - Ramble and Co.

Upon arrival, we organize everything by color and finalize our designs, which includes testing ink colors and confirming artwork size.

Once a design is finalized, that's when we roll up our sleeves and really dive in. We fit an aluminum frame with a mesh screen, coat it to fill in the holes, and let it cure. Once cured, the artwork is put on top of the screen and the whole thing is placed into an exposure unit. While inside the exposure unit, the artwork is flashed into the screen, which will allow ink to pass through the mesh in specific places.

Press, Print, Repeat.

After exposure, the screen is washed and prepped for the next step in the process: inking! 99% of our ink is hand-mixed so we get an all-around customized shirt that is exclusive to our Ramble peeps. The screen is set onto the press to ensure accurate alignment and then we begin loading shirts one-by-one to be printed. This is a two-person job, where one person loads the garment while the other prints and squeegees the ink through the screen and onto the tee. We love that this entire process is done by hand, because no two shirts are printed exactly alike.

Once inked, the tee is put on a conveyer belt that runs it through a dryer. Our dryer cures the ink into the shirt, ensuring it won't fade after washing. From here, the shirt is folded and added to our inventory.